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Who We Are

From Then to Now

Founded in 1999 by a group of talented and caring Colorado citizens, the organization in its original carnation as Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation of Denver, operated until 2014, saving thousands of Colorado's wild birds.

In 2017, Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation of Denver reemerged as “Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab.” Keeping true to the original mission of rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wild Colorado birds, Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab opened a new facility in June 2017, located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Catherine "Birdie" Hurlbert & Debbie Strimple

From left to right: John Shoe, Board Secretary - Nabilla Mohd Zahir, Lead Rehabilitator - Peggy O'Neill, former Board President - Morgan Sandoval, Rehabilitator - Sam Sotiros, Board President