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Did you know it can cost us between $80 to $200 to rehabilitate just one wild bird? Expenses vary based upon rehabilitation needs and length of stay at the facility. In the 2019 season, approximately 1,000 birds were cared for at Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab. At an average expense of $140 per bird, that's $140,000!

Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab survives solely on the generous donations of our supporters. We do not receive Federal, State, or foundation-based grants. Your donation is vital in sustaining Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab. The staff, board and - most importantly - the birds thank you!

For as little as $5 per month, your recurring monthly donation can make a huge difference!

Support you favorite Colorado bird! Consider making a monthly donation in the amount it takes to cover the minimal basic care required for one of our most frequent Wild patient species:

Wild House Finch               $5 - $25 per month

     Wild Robin                          $26 - $50 per month   

     Wild Blue Jay                      $51 - $75 per month   

    Wild Northern Flicker         $76 - $100 per month

            The Ultimate Wild Sponsor   $100 or more per month

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Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of conserving Colorado's wild birds.

Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab's EIN # is 84-1549965.