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How To Help

Help Wild Bird with your King Soopers Loyalty Card!

Help Wild Bird just by shopping at your local King Soopers or City's so easy! Click one of the links below to log in to your King Soopers account or create an account with your Loyalty card.

1. Scroll down and click on "Community Rewards."
2. Click on "Enroll" and search for "Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation" (or enter YI318 in the search engine).
3. When you see Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation in the box, simply click "Enroll!"

It's that easy! Every time you shop at King Soopers or City Market with your Loyalty card or the phone number linked to your card, Wild Bird will receive a portion of that shopping trip to continue our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release our Colorado wild song birds back into our community. On behalf of all of our feathered friends, we at Wild Bird Rescue and Rehab thank you for your time and your support!