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We're proud and excited to continue to provide critical care for our birds 7 days a week, 365 days a year - both in our main Englewood facility and in our aviaries in Watkins. Everyday, we strive to prioritize providing the best possible care for our existing patients, while also staying accessible to the public and for new intakes at the same time. To schedule a bird drop-off and for general inquiries, call us at 303-927-7348. We're able to assist you most days during the hours of 9AM-4PM.

   Important Notice  

We're closed to the public during the hours of 11AM-2PM on most major Holidays.

In an effort to keep our staff, volunteers, and our community safe, we may be forced to make daily changes to our public accessibility as COVID-19 continues to spread and impact our community. We're doing our best to stay operational and also to protect our team members - during this time, please expect delays as we try to respond to every phone and email inquiry. We're grateful for your understanding, patience, and continued support!

Due to COVID-19 exposure risks, all bird and donation drop-offs and intakes must be performed outdoors, in our parking lot. After you park, please call us and we'll come out to you. Please wear a mask or other mouth and nose covering.

For the safety of our staff and volunteers, we will not accommodate unannounced drop-ins, always call ahead of time to schedule a drop-off with the appropriate team members.

We welcome injured or orphaned pigeons! However, they must be feral / wild birds and mostly grey in color. Generally we cannot take in fancy pigeon breeds, or birds who were raised by humans, hand reared, or previously kept as pets - unfortunately, the majority of these birds do not make good candidates to be safely released back into the wild and will require adoption services. These birds can make wonderful and loyal companions, but we do not provide the long-term placement services required. On rare occasions, we can assist with injured racing pigeons who are grey in color. To get help for human-raised and pet birds, please contact The Gabriel Foundation, your local shelter(s), or Palomacy. 

We are not able to rehabilitate waterfowl, crows, magpies or ravens at this time.

We do not provide pet services - if a bird you own is in distress, please seek the immediate help of your local vet.

We will do our very best to help as many feathered friends as possible. However, the best way to verify we're open to the public and have the capacity to assist you with a bird drop-off is to call us. When leaving a voicemail about a bird you've found, please describe what you're observing in as much detail as you can and try to include the bird species, timeline of events and location(s), as well as any specific questions or concerns.

Phone: 303-927-7348

Public Bird Drop-Off Hours: by appointment only

Public Inquiry Hours: 9AM - 4PM most days


For mailing tax-deductible donations:

    Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab

    P.O. Box 101133

    Denver, CO 80250

Or send us a message here: